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Regent Warsaw Hotel respects privacy of its guests and business partners visiting the Hotel’s website. Since the trust we have earned and the protection of personal data are of utmost importance to us, we hereby present you with our Policy Privacy. This document applies to the processing of personal data as part of your activity on our website, also in connection with agreement conclusion. Please read the document before using our website.

Personal Data Controller
with its registered office in Warsaw at Al. Jana Pawła II 12 lok. V/24, 00-124 Warsaw, operating as Regent Warsaw Hotel (hereinafter: the “Hotel”), is the personal data controller within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922 as amended). Personal data include any information concerning a natural person that can be identified, or whose identification is possible. A natural person that can be identified is the person whose direct or indirect identification is possible, particularly based on such identifiers as the full name, ID number, positioning data, IP or one or several specific factors describing the physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the natural person.

Data Gathering
Personal data with which you have directly provided us at the time of accommodation booking include the following: your full name, email address, phone number, address for correspondence, credit card data (card holder name, card number, expiry date and settlement address). Although voluntary, the provision of data is indispensable – in the scope indicated on the accommodation booking website – for agreement conclusion. Please be advised at the same time, that the Hotel’s website can be viewed without the need to provide your personal data.
The Hotel also reserves the right to collect other data (based on the contact we have with you at the time of your stay at the Hotel or on our contact with third parties) for specific and legal purposes – provided that the requirements under the applicable laws and separate obligations of information have been met in that regard.
Should you wish to subscribe to our newsletter (besides making a reservation), your personal data being your full name, email address, country and title, shall be processed.

Data Use
We shall process your personal data obtained at the time of booking for the purpose of the service agreement performance (i.e. to book accommodation with the Hotel and manage the reservation, to provide accommodation and to handle the accommodation-related payment) and for the legally justified purpose of the personal data controller, i.e.:

  • We may process your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing of our products and services;
  • We may process your personal data to examine complaints and to make possible claims under the agreement;
  • We may also use your personal data so as to ensure security of other guests, visitors, or employees;
  • The data we collect may also be used to test or assess our new services, run customer satisfaction surveys and investigate the quality of the hotel services and marketing activities of the personal data controller (based on and within the limits of the law, which particularly means that the indicated activities may require e.g. obtaining an additional consent from you).

Under the applicable laws – we may also process your personal data to make public-law settlements.
Should you give your free consent to having updates on our special offers emailed to the email address you provided, we will also process your personal data for that purpose. At any time, you may withdraw your consent by sending an e-mail to  the e-mail address: data.protection@regent-warsaw.com

Cookies on Hotel’s Websites
Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files saved on the device you use. By default, data stored in cookies can be read only by the server that created those files. We use cookies to gather data relating to your usage of the Hotel’s website.
The cookies we use are safe for your device and there is no risk that your device may be attacked by a virus or malware via those files. Usually, cookies contain the name of the domain from which they originate, the period for which they will be stored on your device, and the assigned value.
We use session cookies, i.e. cookies that are stored on the device until the session of the given search engine times out. The data stored is then permanently removed from the memory of the device. Session cookies do not allow any personal data or confidential information to be downloaded from the device. We also use persistent cookies, i.e. cookies that are stored on the device until they are deleted. They are not removed from the device upon the end of the search engine session or when the device has been switched off. Persistent cookies do not allow any personal data or confidential information to be downloaded from the device. The data from the servers of the companies and service provides with which we cooperate (e.g. Tripadvisor or social media – see below the social media and links to their websites) can also be stored on your device.  Please read the privacy policies of those entities.
Cookies allow the content of the Hotel’s websites to be adjusted to your needs (storage of your settings, personalization of the interface).  These files enable the identification of your device and proper display of the website, adjusted to your preferences and the device you use. Cookies also enable the creation of anonymous statistics that help us understand how you use the Hotel’s website, which in turn helps us improve the website’s architecture and content.
You may change the cookies settings independently and at any time by setting forth the conditions of their storage and by defining what access they can have to your device. Cookies settings can be changed via search engine settings or by means of service configuration. Settings can be particularly changed by blocking the automatic support of cookies in the search engine settings or by setting notification for each and every download of a cookie file onto your device. More detailed information about how cookies are supported can be found in the software (search engine) settings.
You may delete cookies at any time by using the functions available under the search engine. Disabling cookies may affect some features available on the Hotel’s website.
At the same time, please be advised that the cookies used by the Hotel are not used to establish or verify your identity. Should the data obtained with our cookies be your personal data, we shall process them only for the purpose of the service implementation and within the legally justified interest of the personal data controller. These data shall also be protected in keeping with the applicable laws.
The data stored in cookies or access thereto do not result in any configuration changes in your ICT device or software installed on that device.

IP Addresses
When you visit our websites, your IP address is not collected or used.

Social Media and Links thereto
For your convenience, our website includes features integrated with third-party social media platforms that you can activate manually. In such a case, third-parties that manage the platforms will be able to identify the user, define how they use the website, or link this information with and store it under the user’s social media profile. As a result of such use of the aforementioned features, third-party cookies may be stored on your device. Please read privacy policy of the said social media. Activation of the aforementioned features is not obligatory – you may use our services without integrating them with third-party platforms.

Data Transfer
Based on and within the limits of the law, your personal data may be transferred onto entities with which we cooperate that are engaged in the process of rendering hotel and related services; this includes travel agencies, carriers, providers of booking services, payment operators. As for the processing of hotel reservations, we cooperate with TravelClick Inc., and as regards the customer satisfaction survey – with Customer Alliance GmbH and Tripadvisor Ltd.
The obligation to give particular entities access to your personal data may arise under the law.

Your personal data have been secured against disclosure to and collection by any unauthorized persons, processing incompliant with the Personal Data Protection Act, and against modification, damage or destruction. We use Secured Socked Layer software to encrypt the personal data with which you provide us. You may check whether your data are secure by verifying the prefix of the website address that should have “https” at the beginning. Only authorized persons that have been obligated to keep the data confidential have access to the personal data processed by our Hotel. Your data are processed only for the period indispensable for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy and resulting from the laws.

The Hotel grants you the right to access the personal data processed and to rectify the same.
Should you have any question concerning the privacy policy please send an email to: data.protection@regent-warsaw.com