Discover the city of Warsaw

Warsaw: The heart of Poland. Discover the beauty of the city from Regent Warsaw Hotel in Lazienki Park. If you are wondering what to do in Warsaw, we propose to walk to the monumental royal castle and unique churches, through sentimental green parks with Chopin music in the background to tiny, cosy cafes and restaurants, where you can get with your bike.

Warsaw is the unique place where the past meets the future. You can feel international atmosphere combined with tradition.

Warsaw offers plenty of diversions that will let you relax away from the crowds whether you prefer leisurely exploring a local park, engaging in something active or winding down with a visit to one of the city's many spas.

With around 30 theatres and 60 cinemas and museums Warsaw is the cultural centre of Poland. These are supplemented by a myriad of festivals as diverse as the Chopin, Jewish Culture and the Warsaw International Film Festival. The most interesting are the Old Town and The Royal Rout with three Royel Residences (Royal Castle, Wilanów Palace and Palace on the Water.The city's skyline, until recent shiny-squeaky additions, was long dominated by the splendidly over the top Palace of Culture and Science with the famous Congress Hall downstairs.